Botanical Beach

Botanical Beach is about a 10-minute drive from Wild Coast Cottages. Especially great in the summer when the tide goes way out, just a 20-30 minute hike from the parking lot and you’re there. Explore the many tide pools and dynamic intertidal life in the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park.


The forest around Port Renfrew is spectacular and on the way to the Botanical Beach, you will see trees like the giant San Juan Stika Spruce near the San Juan Bridge Recreation Site. This Stika Spruce tree is about 11.6 meters round and of 62.5 meters high. It is the largest example in Canada. The nearby Carmanah Giant is nearly 100 feet taller. Old-growth trees like these are all around the Port Renfrew areas like the Avatar Grove and Lone Tree.

Take a drive to see the “World Gnarliest Tree” – cross the bridge towards the Pacheedaht Campsite and follow the signs to Avatar Grove. It’s about a 15-minute drive on a rough road so it is recommended you have at least an AWD vehicle. You will see the Giant San Juan Sitka, Red Creek Fir, and what is known as “World’s Gnarliest Tree”, an ancient Red Cedar that reaches 80 meters tall, and has a circumference of a three-meter burl which is closer to its base.

You can find more information and local tips at the Port Renfrew Visitor Centre on the Pier, just past the Renfrew Pub.