San Juan Beach

Port Renfrew has some of the best surf breaks on the island.  Surfers love it at San Juan Beach - right at the entrance to the West Coast Trail.  It's only a short 5 minute drive from our West Coast Cottages. 

Sombrio Beach

Sombrio is surfable at any tide stage and is just a 20 minutes drive from Port Renfrew. Sombio is a great place to go for a hike, beachcombing, and surfing. Sombrio is easy to access now that there is a road off the highway down to a parking lot and just a 5-minute walk to the beach. There is a suspension bridge across the creek which gives you the option of a beach and reef break. The consistent waves work best with a swell coming from the west with a north, to northeasterly wind.

Jordan River

Jordan River is about a 40-minute drive from Port Renfrew. It has become a popular surfing destination with 3 distinct breaks known as the Point, Sewers and Rock Piles. These waves really get big during the winter with a west to northwest and a northeast wind. The Point, off the river mouth, is famed for its potential to produce long rides. There is a café open year-round called The Cold Shoulder Cafe where you can grab a coffee, hot chocolate, and homemade snacks. 


Botanical Beach

Botanical Beach is about a 10-minute drive from Wild Coast Cottages. Especially great in the summer when the tide goes way out, just a 20-30 minute hike from the parking lot and you’re there. Explore the many tide pools and dynamic intertidal life in the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park.  Botany Bay is along the loop trail.  


The forest around Port Renfrew is spectacular and on the way to the Botanical Beach, you will see trees like the giant San Juan Sitka Spruce near the San Juan Bridge Recreation Site. This Sitka Spruce tree is about 11.6 meters round and of 62.5 meters high. It is the largest example in Canada. The nearby Carmanah Giant is nearly 100 feet taller. Old-growth trees like these are all around the Port Renfrew areas like the Avatar Grove and the Lonely Doug Tree.

Take a drive to see the “World Gnarliest Tree” – cross the bridge towards the Pacheedaht Campsite and follow the signs to Avatar Grove. It’s about a 15-minute drive on a rough road so it is recommended you have at least an AWD vehicle. You will see the Giant San Juan Sitka, Red Creek Fir, and what is known as “World’s Gnarliest Tree”, an ancient Red Cedar that reaches 80 meters tall, and has a circumference of a three-meter burl which is closer to its base.

You can find more information and local tips at the Port Renfrew Visitor Centre on the Pier, just past the Renfrew Pub.

Fishing Charters in Port Renfrew

Charter one of Port Renfrew's local fishing guides to get you out there fast and safe, and to catch you the fish of your dreams.  Port Renfrew boasts some of the finest guides and charters on Vancouver Island.  - - - and fishing that is second-to-none.  Contact our members on the website links below to set up your fishing day!

Port Renfrew is a premier fishing destination in British Columbia. Several Charter companies are available for booking at our Pacific Gateway Marina or the Public Marina.

Visit their websites at:

If you catch fish, please clean them at the table at our marina and not in the cottage.